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Top Tier Track is Step 3 of the Career Author Program

Authors must complete Step 1: Publishing On Ramp and Step #2 of our Conference Track prior to participating in this program. Writers must complete Steps 1-2 to be considered for our Top Tier Program.

Want to be considered for our Top Tier program without completing Step 1 or 2? Email up to 20 pages of your work to! 

The goal of Top Tier is to get out of Top Tier (and signed with an agent/published)! Our top writers are “on the verge” with polished manuscripts to pitch.

In sessions only available to authors in the program, you will participate in the TOP TIER.

Top Tier is for our best writers and it is where many of our writers success stories are made.

 In Top Tier you will get to meet with Agents, Publishers and Editors. Once you sign up, you will be put in the following month's program.

Each month in the program you will:

  • Meet once in a Roundtable setting to connect with your peers and the Director of our Author Programs.
  • Send ten pages of the Director of our Roundtable Program who will provide you with critiquing feedback in a roundtable setting with your peers (each writer receives around twenty mins devoted to their work during the roundtable).
  • Send ten pages of your work to TWO publishing industry executives then meet with each them for thirty minutes via Zoom or Skype. These meetings are not notes sessions, rather they offer you the opportunity to tell the exec about your story and for them to get to know you and your work.
  • Submit a list of up to fifty execs that you would like to connect with. From this list Joey Tuccio (Roadmap CEO) will send details of your project to five execs and he will let you know if any of them request to read your manuscript.
  • From time to time also receive emails from Joey with opportunities that you can respond to if your MS is a fit.
  • At the start of the month, you can attend a roundtable check-in to discuss your strategy for the month.
  • Later in the month you can also attend a roundtable check-in to let us know how your month is going.
  • If you are an author looking for book to film opportunities, or also a screenwriter, you will also have access to our Screenwriting Top Tier program and be able to mix and match your author and screenwriting program and/or purchase additional sessions at discounted Top Tier rates.
  • From time-to-time we will also offer you other activities to choose from to enhance the marketing of your manuscript.

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