Competitions Landing Page

Roadmap Writers is pleased to offer competitions to celebrate our writers' talents and provide opportunity for executives to find up-and-coming scripts.

Diversity Initiative Competition

In memory of Roadmap Writer Coletta Preacely-Garcia, we choose one diverse writer every month to get started in our Career Writer Program for FREE!


JumpStart Writing Competition

Roadmap Writers' flagship screenwriting competition provides consistent opportunities throughout the entire year for not only the winners, but the Top 20 Finalists until they are signed to representation or have their script optioned!


2020 Shorts Competition

In addition to a killer roster of industry judges, we've partnered with Studio71 who will select at least one creator from the competition to develop their project with an eye towards a feature film or TV series. We've also partnered with management company First Friday Entertainment to offer a guaranteed signing prize!


Road to New Republic Competition

Roadmap Writers is proud to partner New Republic Pictures to launch our “Road to New Republic” Feature Writing Competition. Grand Prize: a guaranteed $10,000 option for the winning feature script.


Dare to Scare Feature Competition

The competition, which is open to feature scripts in the horror/thriller genre will select one grand prize winner who will receive representation by Schemers Entertainment managers Gavin Dorman and Daniel Seco, a $1,000 cash prize, industry meetings, and a suite of online educational programs from Roadmap Writers.

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