[Exec Bio] Bethany Bellinger

Bethany Bellinger is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston Massachusetts. Originally from Philadelphia, Bethany always knew that entertainment was her passion. As a child, she was exposed to the theater and started acting in plays and musicals. She quickly learned that she had more fun during rehearsals than the actual performances. Upon this realization, it became clear that she wanted a behind the scenes role and switched her focus. After graduating from Emerson, she moved to Los Angeles and worked in all facets of the business including casting, business and legal, and development. It became clear that her true passion was development. Bethany then became a story analyst helping writers with their ideas, giving them direction and being honest about the work. She has also produced short films and a successful web series. She was most recently the Creative Executive at Fenix Studios, founded by F. Gary Gray. Bethany's previous development credits include MASK, ECHO, and SAINTS ROW.

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