[Exec Bio] TV Comedy Bundle

Sean Farina grew up in Los Angeles. After attending college at Tulane, he got involved in New Orleans' burgeoning film scene before leaving to pursue writing and directing back home. While working in network television for almost a decade, Sean contributed to LOST, ONCE UPON A TIME, and wrote one of HAWAII FIVE-0's most-watched episodes. His short film EAST STACKTON won multiple awards on the festival circuit and featured talent that would go on to be seen in Showtime's QUARRY and Spike Jonze's HER. He continues to write television and write, produce, and direct projects in the indie world. 

Originally from Connecticut, Kieran Dunstan was gifted the unique opportunity to study filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage, Jean Cocteau, and David Lynch during his high school years. He got his start in the Paradigm mailroom where he worked his way up in the TV Literary department and then the Motion Picture Literary department before making the jump to Super Deluxe, a multi-media company under the Turner umbrella. At Super Deluxe, Kieran helped establish the television department which has sold shows to Netflix, HBO, Apple, TBS, TruTV, Sundance Now, and Fullscreen.

His proudest achievement is optioning and developing DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED into a half-hour pilot that premiered at Sundance 2019 with Conan O’Brien executive producing.

Kieran is known for his mastery of the intellectual property game and his understanding of how to craft a strong story engine for TV series. He loves working with unique voices who are hungry and have something to say.

Conrad Sun joined Meridian Artists in 2014 as an Associate and is now currently working full time as a literary manager. Based in Los Angeles, Conrad devotes his efforts toward building the Los Angeles roster, and managing all of Meridian's LA based clients for both staffing and development. Additionally Conrad works with the Toronto office to develop properties for the US market and prepare clients who plan to work in Los Angeles. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Alberta, Conrad started his entertainment career by founding a Calgary-based video production company in 2004. Soon he took his passion for film producing and entrepreneurship to Los Angeles where he attained his Master's Degree from the Peter Stark Producing Program at the University of Southern California. Since then, Conrad has gained experience working in content development at companies like Epix, Hasbro Studios, Gran Via Productions (BREAKING BAD) and New Wave Entertainment. 

Jordan Rozansky is a comedy writer and producer from Miami, Florida. His favorite job was making ASSASSIN BANANA, a digital series about a heartbroken banana with nothing to lose, starring voice work from Scarlett Johansson and Nathan Fillion. Jordan worked at THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno and AMERICAN WISEASS, a History Channel sketch show. For two years, he wrote and produced for a monthly live sketch show at iO West that played in the San Francisco Sketch Fest.

Jordan worked in development for Ryan Reynolds’ film production company, Dark Trick Films, and Reynolds’ shared TV pod with Allan Loeb, DarkFire Television. He was responsible for creative notes, pitch preparation, and joke punch-ups. He then went to work for the Head of Talent at Anonymous Content, reading for and working closely with Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton.

Jordan has a dog named Dory and eight unnamed plants.

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