FREE Webinars from Roadmap Writers


To celebrate our Month of Free, we are proud to bring you 5 free webinars that will be available to you for the rest of April. Learn everything from Creating Compelling Villains to Identifying Your Story's Engine to even How to Acquire Life Rights. We hope you enjoy these webinars! Email with any questions.

[Craft Series] Everyone Loves a Villain: Creating Compelling Antagonists
Hosted by: Dan Ingram - Creative Executive @ De Laurentiis Company

[Genre Series] Romantic Comedy 101
Hosted by: Allegra Newman - now the Director of Development @ HBOMax

[Craft Series] Identifying Your Story Engine
Hosted by: Conrad Sun - Literary Manager @ Meridian Artists

[Legal Series] Understanding Life Rights and How to Acquire Them
Hosted by: Alexa Whiteside - Associate Attorney @ Ramo Law PC

[Craft Series] What It's Really About: Identifying Your Story's Theme
Hosted by: Seth Renshaw - Director of Development @ Benaroya Pictures

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