Getting Manager Ready with Adam Kolbrenner

160+ writers signed from Roadmap...and we want more!

If you're looking for a manager and want to make sure you are primed and ready, this 2-week series is perfect for you.

All sessions will be recorded so if you can't make it, we will send you the recording after the live broadcast!

In this two week class, manager/producer Adam Kolbrenner will go over everything from:

Each hour session will start with a 30 minute Q&A going over the main bullet points for the week. Then the last 30 minutes Adam will answer your questions live!

A portion of all proceeds will benefit Animal Rescue Mission.

Week #1 - Getting In The Room

This week Adam will go over how to actually get a manager's attention. From writing a solid script, creating a brand that is appealing to reps, to targeting which reps would be right for you. 

Week #2 - Owning The Room

This week is all about putting your best foot forward while you're in the room. Adam will go into detail on how he likes to be pitched, what advice he gives his clients when going into a general meeting and some of the most recurring feedback he has gotten for writers over the years from studios. 


About Adam Kolbrenner:

Adam Kolbrenner is the founder of Lit Entertainment Group – a Beverly Hills, CA-based literary management and feature film and television production company.

In feature film, Lit Entertainment is a producer of Disney/Fox’s upcoming FREE GUY, along with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi and is directed by Shawn Levy. This is an original screenplay from Lit management client Matt Lieberman. It is set to release worldwide in theaters in May 2021. Lit Entertainment is the Executive Producer on the Netflix franchise CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES. Chris Columbus (‘Harry Potter’, ‘Home Alone’) directed the sequel to the hit first film. This is an original screenplay from Lit management client Matt Lieberman with story by Lit client David Guggenheim.  
Lit Entertainment is also a producer on Amazon/Skydance’s upcoming THE TOMORROW WAR, along with David Goyer. The film stars Chris Pratt and is directed by Chris McKay. This is an original screenplay from Lit client Zach Dean. It is set to release worldwide in 2021. Lit Entertainment is an Executive Producer on the HBO Max sci-fi television series RAISED BY WOLVES. Ridley Scott is Executive Producing and directed the first two episodes as well. This is an original series from Lit client Aaron Guzikowski who is the Creator and Executive Producer.            
Additionally, Lit Entertainment is producing “DON’T GO IN THE WATER” for Universal, “DEPARTURE” for Sony Pictures, “FANTASY CAMP” for STX Studios, “MEET THE MACHINES” for Lionsgate Studios, and “NEWSFLASH” for Stampede Pictures.


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