Roadmap is excited to launch our 2nd Annual Top Tier Tryouts Competition to find our next standout writer!

Here at Roadmap, we pride ourselves on developing and working with the most promising up-and-coming screenwriters in the industry.

We have carefully curated a multitude of programs to ensure each screenwriter gets the attention and mentoring they need to get traction. 

At the pinnacle of all our programs is Roadmap's Top Tier Program, where the bulk of our screenwriting success stories come from. 

From our Top Tier Program, writers from all over the world have signed with, landed writing assignments with, and/or have had their scripts optioned/bought by:

CAA, Gotham Group, Zero Gravity Management, The Garcias Companies, First Point Entertainment, Amazon, The Gersh Agency, Industry Entertainment, Recon Literary, Kersey Management, Meridian Artists, DMG Entertainment, Mailroom, LOCUS Entertainment, Bleiberg Entertainment, Believeland Entertainment, Schemers Entertainment, Plattform, Hopscotch Pictures, ESA, Bellevue Productions, and more!

It's important that each Top Tier writer has mastered the skills to create an engaging story, have a fresh writing voice, and the ability to pitch themselves and their projects effectively. We're always on the hunt for writers with Top Tier potential!

Writers usually have to complete Steps 1-4 of our Career Writer Program to be considered for Top Tier, but through these Tryouts, we will fast-track the winner to Top Tier even if they haven't completed these other steps!

The Top Tier Program Includes:

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