TESTIMONIALS: Pitch Prep Program

What Writers Are Saying... 


"I feel that this month at Roadmap took me to a new level. I never considered myself an 'amateur', but after my Roadmap studies, I consider myself (near) professional. I have to say that Dorian is a master wordsmith and that everyone should participate in the entire session. My colleague writers have contributed to solving issues that I couldn't even see from the inside. You will get a better look at the weakness in your own work and in the solutions you will discover what will develop your work into greatness. Thanks for caring!"
- Corey M.


"BIG SHOUT OUT to the Roadmap Team for the Pitch Prep Program - worth every penny and all the time given to me! This program really gave me the tools to grow in confidence & knowledge and to make my pitching skills shine that much more. I really find myself wanting to pitch my projects that much more, thanks to this program and the mighty fine folks at Roadmap." 
- Scott C.


"Pitch Prep is an excellent way to jump into the deep end, knowing that the lifeguards of Roadmap won’t let you drown. The Roadmap staff is extremely encouraging, the industry contacts are bona fide and real world in their feedback, and the participants are definitely a cut above. Well worth doing if you are seriously committed to upping your game and unlocking the magic of your work for those who don’t yet know it." 
- Jerry P.

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