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Query Letter Bootcamp | Tuesday #1 @ 4:00pm - 6:00pm PT
Hosted by a rotating roster of execs

Synopsis WTF | Tuesday #2 @ 4:00pm - 6:00pm PT
Hosted by a rotating roster of execs

Five Minutes of Fame | Tuesday #3 @ 4:00pm - 6:00pm PT
Hosted by a rotating roster of execs!

Unique Critiques | Tuesday #4 @ 4:00pm - 6:00pm PT
Hosted by a rotating roster of execs

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Accelerate toward your writing goals!

Here's a little secret: being the most talented writer in the world will only take you so far.  How do authors get published? Through connections! This industry is about relationship-building. Savvy authors are excellent at expanding their network while producing sharp work and enticing introductory material. Roadmap brings a unique program to not only introduce our authors to industry professionals, but to build an on-going rapport.

At Roadmap Writers Publishing Access On-Ramp, we provide authors with educational tools, collaboration opportunities, and promotional strategies to help them take their craft to the next level. Also, just for being a member, you'll receive access to bonus sessions, exclusive discounts, and secret executives not available to the general public. 

All sessions take place 100% online utilizing video conferencing software ZOOM so writers can participate from anywhere in the world!

On-Ramp is a program that can be repeated monthly as the execs available refresh each month - choose multiple months & save!

After you sign up, you will receive an automated email with the syllabus!

Session Formats

Week #1: Query Letter Bootcamp: A query letter is your introduction to an agent or an editor. There's a format, but you must also demonstrate your originality.  How do you follow the rules and also stand out? Whether you're new to crafting this all-important letter or you're looking to polish, you'll come away with keen insights and inspiration to get your query on!

Week #2: Synopsis: WTF?One word strikes fear in the hearts of writers: "synopsis". Part of this problem is the mystique surrounding it. What the heck is it really for, and how do you write one effectively? 

In this clinic we will address its uses and three basic forms:

  • one paragraph
  • one pager 
  • extended (AKA: Run With It!)

Then we will workshop your paragraph synopsis (possibly the most challenging form) to make it shine!

Week #3: Five Minutes of Fame: In this roundtable setting, you're face to face with someone seasoned in the publishing industry. Here's your chance to share the story you've written--and yourself. This industry is about relationships. Learn how to start them off effectively here. Get feedback on your pitch and build the confidence you need to soar!

Week #4: Unique Critiques: You only get one shot with an agent or editor. How do you know your manuscript is ready? This opening pages clinic will give you insights on making your beginning the strongest it can be, and it will give you the tools to analyze the rest of your manuscript!

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