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"3 years ago, I was a girl with a script and no reps. I’ll be forever grateful to Joey who took SUCH good care of me and sent it to American High - where I’m now back in high school (on set) - and bringing this story to life!" - Tate Hanyok, Screenwriter (movie produced by Hulu, signed to ICM)

"Huge thanks to Joey Tuccio, who sent us this script back in 2018 and promised we'd love it. He was right. After reading it and meeting the writer, Tate Hanyok, we knew this project was special, wound up tracking it over the next two years, and finally had the opportunity to bring it to life." - Will Phelps, Exec at American High

"The last 5 weeks have given me more industry knowledge than my prior 32 years combined." - Adam Pitzler, Screenwriter


"I spent years beating my head up against the Hollywood system with little success. After being accepted into the Roadmap Writers Top Tier program, I had a fantastic manager in a matter of months." - Craig Berger, Screenwriter (signed to Meridian Artists)

"I've known Joey Tuccio for ten years and in that time, I can say nothing but the best. In a business that is often defined by artifice, Joey is the polar opposite: loyal, kind, tremendously insightful and well-connected." - Ian Simpson, Screenwriter

"Joey has been an amazing friend and advocate for me as a writer. He has taught me an enormous amount about pitching and how to navigate the business in general." - Julie Livingston, Screenwriter

"Joey Tuccio is the best and has the writer's best interest at heart. He's always striving to provide writers with the tools they need to move forward with their career." - Benji Smith, Screenwriter (signed to Meridian Artists)

“As a writer not only living outside LA - but outside the US - Roadmap provides a service that is built on a supportive community peppered with a little ass-kicking when needed. I found with every webinar, workshop, challenge and pitch roundtable I participated in, I learnt something; whether it was about my work or the industry in general.” - Emma Steele, Screenwriter (signed to The Gersh Agency)

“It has been a pleasure working with Roadmap Writers. The program is highly focused on providing practical industry advice and guidance that developing writers need to adapt and improve their writing to meet the current landscape.” - Jay Glazer, Manager @ ROAR

“Roadmap Writers really is in the writer’s corner. Joey and his team totally ‘get it’ when it comes to preparing writers for pitching and interacting with industry pros. I look forward to reading Roadmap writers for years to come.” - Andrew Kersey, Manager @ Kersey Management

“Roadmap Writers is a game changer for aspiring writers everywhere.  There is such a wide variety of classes and programs available, and I’m always impressed with the quality of writers that come through.  Happy to do my part to help give these worthy voices a much-needed way in the door.” - Corey Trent Ackerman, Manager @ The Cartel

“In my time working with Roadmap, I’ve gotten to see that they do a great job introducing smart, ambitious writers from all over the world to executives on the ground in Hollywood. Not only that, they’ve built a company that helps writers hone their talents with a wide array of classes on everything from story mechanics to the ins and outs of actual pitching. Roadmap gives writers the tools they need in this business.” - Zac Allard, Creative Executive @ Exile Entertainment

“As a Network Executive, working with Roadmap Writers has been refreshing. The writers are eager to learn and open to collaboration which is the best combination of a creative working with another creative. From their First 15's program to their Virtual Seminars, I feel lucky to partake in such a great networking opportunity.” - Chelsea Kardos, Manager of Scripted Programming @ AMC

“I love hearing pitches from Roadmap’s writers. The training they’ve received is evident and impressive. I am constantly amazed - the difference in pitching acumen in just 6 months is unbelievable.” - Marilyn Atlas, Manager/Producer @ Marilyn Atlas Management

"I recommend Roadmap Writers one hundred million thousand percent. Seriously, they're great and worth EVERY PENNY. And I'm not just saying this because I'm practically a shareholder at this point - in three months, I've greatly improved how I pitch my material and my brand as a writer." - Gary Fayman, Screenwriter

“Roadmap is wonderful! They provide valuable industry connections, knowledge and experience for those looking to improve their skills and take their various creative endeavors to the next level. The entertainment industry can be tough to crack into but with Roadmap can provide just the nudge you needed.” - Maddie Breeland, Coordinator @ Disney

“The advice we get from ‘experts’ often directly conflicts, so one necessary survival tool is learning whom to listen to and which notes to follow. I found out a long time ago that with kids and dogs it’s best to choose one expert whose counsel you value above all others. For screenwriting purposes, Roadmap is that for me.” -Spencer Michlin, Screenwriter

"I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with everyone at Roadmap! The whole team is so knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve taken other classes and gone to seminars and haven’t had any outright bad experiences but none have been as good as Roadmap. I’ve learned so much in a fun, comfortable atmosphere. I love you guys!" - Harker Jones, Screenwriter

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