TESTIMONIALS: Ultimate Writers' Toolkit

What Writers Are Saying... 


"I could listen to Joey all day. He took me way out of my comfort zone and I had such a great time. I feel reinvigorated and have been writing like a demon since I got back. If anyone is thinking of attending one of Joey's events, I'd say get your ticket early. His expertise, charisma and positive energy will fire your neurons up. He's unmissable."
- Teresa Bee


"Toolkit is a whirlwind of incredible jam-packed information! Joey is warm, hilariously unfiltered, and an absolute expert in his field. After the program, I immediately worked through the buried blocks and fears that were keeping me from writing a script that is crucial to me."
- Monique Amado


"Prepare for a load of knowledge, truth bombs, and laughs." 
- James Allen

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