WELCOME: A Hands on Producer Program - Jesse Murphy

This page contains instructions on the syllabus, material submission, session dates & times, and joining the online class. Save these instructions as you may want to refer to them each week. All classes will be recorded & distributed so that you may refer back to them at a later date. 


Instructor: Jesse Murphy (Manager @ Kersey Entertainment)
Contact: jesseroadmap@gmail.com
Schedule: Saturdays 1/23, 1/30, 2/6 & 2/13 @ 9:00am - 11:00am PT

*Please send your material to instructor no later than 72 hrs. prior to your first session.* 

JOIN LINK: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/81554107239 / PW: RMrocks!

Class Structure:


Week 1
  1. Explaining IP, what it is, why it's lucrative, what IP is best suited for the writers own personal writing style etc. 
  2. Jesse will go over the different popular formats now and what formats are more popular than ever, like podcasts. 
  3. Explaining how to search for IP, best places to look. 
  4. General Q&A
  5. HOMEWORK:  Make a list with blurbs about 10 IP's you're interested in and be prepared to pitch them.  
Week 2
  1. IP Review: Everyone will pitch Jesse the various projects and discuss which would be the best to focus on and why. 
  2. Explaining how to reach out to rights holders, who best to contact, what to say etc. The best way to adapt IP into a narrative format and which format would be best suited for that IP.
  3. Explaining the negotiating process, what to expect, options vs shopping agreements. 
  4. General Q&A
  5. HOMEWORK: Reach out to the IP owners.  
Week 3 
  1. Reviewing responses from each class members contact efforts. Understand, how they went about it, obstacles encountered, paths of success, etc. 
  2. Explaining how to adapt the property, creating a pitch deck and treatment etc. 
  3. General Q&A
  4. HOMEWORK: Write the treatment
Week 4 
  1. Treatment review: Jesse will review everyone's treatments and give detailed notes on how to elevate the material further.
  2. The road ahead: Jesse will discuss and share additional insights on what everyone may encounter from here on out and how to best leverage their IP going forward.
  3. General Q&A


Class List: If you want to be on the class email list to share your material with the other writers in your group, please let Alex know at alex@roadmapwriters.com! Sharing & reading the pages to be discussed helps ensure that everyone is on the same page so everybody can learn from the notes the instructor gives to each writer.

Joining Sessions: Live sessions will be conducted via video conferencing software ZOOM. If you have never used ZOOM before: when you click the link, the ZOOM software will automatically download. Once the download is complete, you will be joined into the meeting. All classes will be recorded & distributed so that you may refer back to them at a later date.

Code of Conduct: Roadmap Writers programs are for training purposes only. These execs are working with us independently from their respective companies. Developing material with an executive does not mean you are developing material for their company. Please do not ask the execs to read your material or for business/personal contact info. Keep all conversations focused on feedback. Any writer making an executive feel uncomfortable or pressured to request material will result in instant termination from the program and prevent the writer from working with Roadmap again. Unless otherwise instructed, do not contact the executive by phone or email outside the scope of the program.

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