WELCOME: Producer Consultation with Brandon Combs

This page contains instructions on how to get started with your call with Brandon Combs! 

Instructor: Brandon Combs (Creative Director, Roadmap Writers)
Contact: brandon@roadmapwriters.com
*Please send your material to instructor no later than 72 hrs. prior to your first call.*

Please email Brandon your 5-10 pieces of IP you want to try to acquire. He will email you after with times he can have your first 30 minute call!

Code of Conduct: Roadmap Writers programs are for training purposes only. These execs are working with us independently from their respective companies. Developing material with an executive does not mean you are developing material for their company. Please do not ask the execs to read your material or for business/personal contact info. Keep all conversations focused on feedback. Any writer making an executive feel uncomfortable or pressured to request material will result in instant termination from the program and prevent the writer from working with Roadmap again. Unless otherwise instructed, do not contact the executive by phone or email outside the scope of the program.

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