[WELCOME] Week of Free

This page contains instructions on material submission, session date & time, and joining the online class. Save these instructions as you will not receive them again. The class will be recorded & distributed so that you may refer back to it at a later date.


Contact: briana@roadmapwriters.com


Monday 11/16 @ 2:00pm PT - Author Meet Up w/ Beth Anderson

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/87160232937 

Tuesday 11/17 @ 4:00pm PT - Logline Rehab 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/977642585 / PW: RMrocks!

**Send your logline to terra@roadmapwriters.com 24 hours before if you want your logline to be considered for feedback. 

Wednesday 11/18 @ 6:30pm PT - Opening Pages Analysis 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/144493212 / PW: RMrocks!

**Send your pages to joey@roadmapwriters.com no later than 48 hours before if you want your pages to be considered for feedback! 

Thursday 11/19 @ 6:00pm PT - Virtual Open Pitch Night 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/85848110153 / PW: RMrocks!

Friday 11/20 @ 4:00pm PT - Briana's Pitching Good Time 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/98264803077 / PW: RMrocks!

Saturday 11/21 @ 9:00am PT - Character Development Workshop 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/84189914047 

Sunday 11/22 @ 4:00pm PT - Success Story Webinar w/ Shawn Parikh 

Join URL: https://roadmapwriters.zoom.us/j/88101752433


Joining Sessions: Live sessions will be conducted via video conferencing software ZOOM. If you have never used ZOOM before: when you click the link, the ZOOM software will automatically download. Once the download is complete, you will be joined into the meeting. All classes will be recorded & distributed so that you may refer back to them at a later date.

Code of Conduct: Roadmap Writers programs are for training purposes only. These execs are working with us independently from their respective companies. Developing material with an executive does not mean you are developing material for their company. Please do not ask the execs to read your material or for business/personal contact info. Keep all conversations focused on feedback. Any writer making an executive feel uncomfortable or pressured to request material will result in instant termination from the program and prevent the writer from working with Roadmap again. Unless otherwise instructed, do not contact the executive by phone or email outside the scope of the program.

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