[Genre Series] Bringing It Down to Earth: Crafting Grounded Sci-Fi

Hosted by Edward Leer
Development Executive @ SP Entertainment

If you’re a sci-fi writer or have a new idea in that realm, you’ve probably heard industry professionals use the term “grounded sci-fi” without much context as to what they actually mean. So what is it, and how does grounded sci-fi differ from “elevated”? Is one better than the other? Easier or more difficult or write? Lend itself more to fresh or high concept ideas? More importantly, why is grounded sci-fi so appealing to industry pros, and how do you write it well? 

This 45-Min. Webinar Covers:

  • What we mean when we say "grounded" sci-fi
  • Crafting a compelling hook with a fresh sci-fi element
  • Clearly establishing the stakes and tone 
  • Creating compelling characters given extensive world-building
  • Keeping it all within budget


About Your Host
Edward Leer studied English at the University of Iowa before attending Chapman University to study Screenwriting. He’s worked for Roger Corman, Steve Zaillian, and Terrence Malick before moving into television, working for Cinemax's QUARRY and with Shonda Rhymes on THE CATCH. Edward currently works as a Development Exec for SP Entertainment.

What To Expect

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