Crafting a Limited Series

Kevin Nicklaus
SVP of Development @ The Wolper Org.
Sundays 4/11, 4/18 & 4/25 @ 9:00am - 11:00am PT

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"Kevin is definitely in the top 5 of presenters I have experienced on Roadmap, and perhaps even the best. His presentation was thorough, succinct, and delivered with such amazing teaching expertise. I have heard many people now teaching about limited/mini series, but no one comes close to what Kevin provided. He is a gem and I hope you are able to keep him involved with Roadmap." - Anthony Buono, Screenwriter

Hypothetically, let’s say you have this idea that you’re dying to begin to work on. You’ve been thinking about it for weeks or even months now, and you’re ready to hit the ground running and turn this idea into a full-fledged script! There’s only one problem: your story’s too big to be a feature, and it’s not big enough to be five seasons of television. What you need is a limited series.

But how do you develop a limited series? How do you structure the episodes and series arc effectively? And how do you market this once you’ve finished developing it?

Roadmap Writers has put together this crash course in all things limited series to give you the answers to this and more! This class is for anyone who is interested in writing a limited series - from experienced to newcomer.

At the end of the class, each writer will walk away with a fleshed out and completed treatment for their limited series!

This Three Week Course Will Cover:

  • Concepts - what works as a limited series and what doesn’t
  • The structure of a limited series
  • Limited series treatments
  • Marketing your limited series
About Your Host

Kevin Nicklaus is the Senior Vice President of Development at The Wolper Organization, which has been responsible for over 500 films, and won more than 150 awards, including two Oscars, 50 Emmys, seven Golden Globes, five Peabody’s, and recognition and retrospectives from Cannes and other respected international film festivals. Kevin has been involved in many high-profile projects, including the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated TV Miniseries remake of ROOTS for The History Channel, A&E’s hit show BATES MOTEL, the multiple Emmy-nominated miniseries THE MISTS OF AVALON starring Anjelica Huston, Julianna Margulies and Joan Allen, and the Emmy-nominated Doc special PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT! for Showtime.

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