[Craft Series] Stories for Your Ears: Creating the Audio Drama

Chance Muehleck

There's no end to what we love about podcasts. They're informative, entertaining, and make every car ride, hike, or work day a great deal more fun. And these days, podcasts have gone mainstream garnering millions of listeners and a place in talks around the water cooler. Most of us have a favorite podcast or two, but have you ever thought about writing your own? 

What would it be about? How do you tell a story without visuals? And how important is it to build a solid set up for interesting audio clips? 

We're thrilled to welcome Roadmap Alumnus Chance Muehleck to share all the insights he learned from creating his narrative podcast Dreamland!  

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Developing a story for podcasting
  • Audio-centered storytelling 
  • Producing the audio drama 
  • Live Q&A 


About Your Host

Chance Muehleck is a writer, filmmaker, and theatre artist based in Los Angeles. His work is primarily in the genre space (sci-fi, thriller, satire). He’s a two-time semifinalist at the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition and a finalist for the Warner Brothers TV Writers Workshop. Chance wrote and directed the award-winning short films Advent and Below. He recently created story content for a gaming app based on his original pitch, and his feature Madrigal is currently in development with a director attached. Last year he produced the acclaimed audio drama Dreamland, which is now being eyed for television. He holds an MFA from Point Park University.

What To Expect

Immediately after registering, you will receive an Order Confirmation that serves as the receipt for your registration. In the Order Summary section of this email, there will be a link reading "CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS" that will take you to the page containing the Webinar recording. Under that link will be the Password you'll need to unlock the page and enjoy!


If you have any questions or any trouble accessing the recording, email our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at alex@roadmapwriters.com!

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