[Craft Series] Writing The Holiday Movie

Adam Shepard
Manager of Development @ MarVista Entertainment

Trivia for you? How many Holiday/Christmas movies were made in the past year? A lot, that's the answer. Between theaters, streamers, and Hallmark there are no shortage of holiday movies out there, and no shortage of opportunities for writers. But how do you know if you're writing the kind of holiday movie people will want to see? What are conventions to stick to and subvert? 

Tune in for this webinar event to learn all this and more! 

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • What are the conventions of holiday movies?  
  • What is the market for holiday movies? 
  • Structure, content, and style 
  • Live Q&A
      About Your Host

      Adam Shepard is currently Manager of Development at MarVista Entertainment, an independent film/tv studio and worldwide distributor. Prior to joining MVE, Adam served as Director of Development & Production at Anima Sola Productions, where he oversaw series like BIG LOVE and GETTING ON as part of the company's overall deal with HBO.

      What To Expect

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