Lecture Series: Writing Contained Projects

Executives from Blumhouse and Olive Bridge Entertainment, Hosted by Jenna Meyer
Saturdays 6/6, 6/13, 6/20 & 6/27 @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm PT
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Here at Roadmap, we encourage our writers to flex their creative muscles and always be generating content. But in recent months, the type of content we've encouraged our writers to create have changed. Now, we've heard more and more demand for contained scripts: scripts that can be made in one or two locations with minimal crew and entirely virtually if need be. 

But chances are, most of us don't have a script like that in our arsenal, and we struggle to visualize the logistics to bring a script like that to the screen. That's why Roadmap is thrilled to offer this special lecture series hosted by Jenna Meyer to teach us all how these contained projects can come together! 

How It Works:

  • Each week, Jenna and a guest will discuss a different leg of development and production: from outlining to drafting to production to post. 
  • Following each lecture, Jenna and that week's guest will answer your questions live.
  • As always, all Webinars are recorded and all registrants will receive the recordings after the live broadcast! 


    Week #1: Outlining Your Contained Script 

    Noah Feinberg will join Jenna in discussing the basics around taking your idea from conception to formidable outline, while simultaneously purposing it to be budgetarily contained.

    Noah is a development coordinator in Scripted Television at Blumhouse. He is also a screenwriter and made his writing debut on Hulu and Blumhouse's series Into The Dark, where he wrote and produced the thanksgiving episode "Pilgrim”.

    Week #2: Drafting Your Contained Script 

    Gabby Zemer will join Jenna to discuss the process of taking an outline and making it a working script, what to keep in mind while writing a contained script and how to be flexible in your writing after receiving notes from executives. Gabby is currently a Creative Executive in Features Development at Olive Bridge Entertainment. 

    Week #3: Producing a Contained Script 

    Nick Wingate will join Jenna to discuss the logistical ways to cut production costs in locations, cast and tax incentives. 

    Nick is currently the TV Physical Production Coordinator at Blumhouse.

    Week #4: Post Production  

    Ben Simpkins is the Post Coordinator at Blumhouse and will join Jenna to discuss what post production shortcuts can be taken to make a contained project look more expensive than it is and how ADR can be used to avoid reshoots. 

    About Your Host

    Jenna Meyer has spent the past 3 years working at Blumhouse Productions. While there, box office hits like Happy Death Day, Halloween, Us, BlacKkKlansman and The Invisible Man were released. She worked for the president of the company, Charles Layton, before moving over to feature's development - first assisting the President, the Senior Vice President and the Vice President of Feature's Development and then working as a coordinator within the department. During this time, she heard pitches, read submissions and gave notes on current projects. Prior to this, Jenna Meyer worked as a Production Assistant on season 5 of The Last Ship. She found this job after finishing her semester in LA film program with Ohio University. During this semester, she held two internships - one at Partizan in their development department and one at TalentWorks, a boutique talent agency. She also served as a producer for her semester's thesis short film. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies with her focus in Film.

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