Demystifying Screenwriting Fellowships

Aadip Desai
Staff Writer @ THE GOLDBERGS

"This was easily the most practical, actionable info on fellowships that I've seen EVER. Aadip imparts information and knowledge through connection and conversation. His outline deck was chock full of specific items that are both immediately valuable for fellowships and towards a writing career long-term. Awesome class." -Jonathan Meyers, Screenwriter

It's that time of year again! Time to polish up your samples and your specs, write your essays and submit for screenwriting fellowships. Fellowship applications may seem straightforward, but with all the competition for a limited number of spots, knowing how to put your best foot forward and stand out is critical. 

That's why Roadmap welcomes Aadip Desai for this special one day event to share advice and best practices as well as answer any questions you have going into fellowship season. 

This 2-Hour Clinic Will Cover:

  • The basics of screenwriting fellowships
  • The application process
  • Strategies to stand out 
  • Live Q&A
Walk away with the tools to kill that fellowship application!
About Your Host

Aadip Desai is a Staff Writer on ABC’s THE GOLDBERGS, which is a show about yelling. He also runs the daunting 15,000 member LA TV Writers Facebook Group.

Aadip took an early departure from the MFA screenwriting program at AFI after tricking the 2019 ABC/Disney TV Writing Program into accepting him. He has studied and performed comedy at all the same places as everyone else.

Aadip was the longtime co-host and producer of the On The Page screenwriting podcast with Pilar Alessandra after being President of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild. He’s most known for his inability to chop onions as a cast member on S4 of Food Network’s WORST COOKS IN AMERICA.

In his somewhat hazy life before writing, Aadip had a long career in the music business working with the best and worst of humanity as a musician, music supervisor, and executive. Aadip is a proud member of the WGA West and is repped by Good Fear and Kaplan Stahler Agency. In the last year Aadip’s killed four sideburn trimmers.

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