Demystifying the World of Film Financing

Charnay Mather
Development Coordinator
Covert Media

Big budget, small budget, indie, studio... movies all have one thing in common. Financing! You’ve heard the term thrown around and you know it has something to do with money but what exactly is financing? Charnay Mather is here to give an in depth talk about this stupefying subject!

Charnay will cover all your burning questions about financing including where it comes from, at what point it is needed, and exactly how many financiers it can take to get a movie made! Financing is a big ball of yarn and Charnay will unwind it all including how financiers find their projects, what projects appeal to them, and what turns financiers off.

It’s not just about understanding financing and budgets, it’s just as important to know what you need to have in place before you can think about approaching financiers so you can present yourself and your project as a pro!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • The different types of financing (there are many!)
  • Discerning good financing from bad
  • How to figure out where a financier’s money comes from - and why it’s important to know
  • What packaging is and the sort of packages that are most appealing to financiers
About Your Host

Charnay Mather is the Development Coordinator at Covert Media. Prior to joining Covert, Charnay worked as a Programming Executive at Network Ten in Sydney Australia, where she managed development and acquisitions for the digital channel ELEVEN (a joint venture between Network Ten & CBS studios). She began her career as an assistant at RGM Artists group in Australia. She is a graduate of UCLA and Brunel University (UK).

Covert Media aims to produce, finance and distribute three to four feature films a year with budgets in the $15 million to $50 million range – the independent sweet spot abandoned by the major studios, given their focus on tentpoles and franchises. With a robust film library and an active television production arm, Covert Media is building an all media production powerhouse covering film, television and digital content to satisfy the needs of licensors throughout the globe.

What To Expect

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