Elan Fingles

Development Coordinator @ Jesse James Films
Sunday 3/22 @ 2:00pm - 5:00pm PT
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Roadmap Exclusive Interview!

What elements are you most looking for when listening to a pitch? 

What makes this story different than what’s been done in the past, and why is it necessary to be told now?

What's the most common mistake you see when writers pitch? 

Going too in depth. I like to see the broad strokes that paint the picture in the fewest amount of words possible.

What makes you keep turning the page? 

Unique and realistic, 3-dimensional characters paired with a setting we’re not used to seeing
Self-awareness – When the writer knows the theme and tone, it comes across on the page very well and makes the writer seem smarter than the audience.

What is one of the biggest pitfalls a writer can fall victim to when writing a script? 

Flat characters, exposition, and lack of use of setting. It’s so crucial to have characters feel real by giving them depth and natural dialogue. Don’t tell us that the protagonist is nervous, have them pick up an object and hold it with a shaky hand.

If you could have been part of any movie or TV show that's been out in the past 2 years, what would it be?

The Morning Show.

What is your biggest pet peeve to avoid during a pitch?

Stumbling on words and backtracking to mention something they forgot. The listener doesn’t know that they forgot anything, so continue on without it.
Pitch Tips

Character and setting/set-up are king. Also, why is it socially relevant? Why does the story need to be told now?

About Your Host
Elan Fingles is currently the Development Coordinator at Jesse James Films where they are actively developing features, scripted & non-scripted TV, and theatre based on intellectual property & underlying rights. Previously, he worked at Wayans Alvarez Productions at NBCUniversal and Grandview. Elan is a graduate from the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State University. Upcoming projects include BAILEY & DARLA starring Brittany Snow & Sam Richardson, and CHICK FIGHT starring Malin Akerman, Bella Thorne, & Alec Baldwin.


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