Estimating the Budget of Your Project

Kate Sharp
Whiskey Helps

You’ve written your masterpiece, you’re ready to take it out, and you’re pretty sure it won’t cost TOO much to produce it. But how do you know? While the writer’s job is to write, it is important to be aware of budget and to understand what it is and how it works - and which potential homes you should target!

Roadmap is excited to have Kate Sharp share her expertise on the subject! Kate will use real films to illustrate the uses of getting the most out of budget and will use examples from her own producing career. Kate will also provide a top sheet of her current project so writers can get a feel for how a budget looks on the page!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • How a budget is put together
  • The difference between an indie budget and a studio budget (Do you know what qualifies as low budget? Hint: It’s in the millions!)
  • How an indie producer estimates budget when they read a script
  • The elements that can be obstacles in a script when it comes to budget
  • How budget affects rewrites (which you will end up doing!)
About Your Host

Kate Sharp is an Emmy-nominated producer whose film credits include: PEEP WORLD, BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY, MADAME BOVARY, and THE HALLOW, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and was released by IFC. Previously, Ms. Sharp was the VP of Development and Production at Occupant Entertainment and was an Executive Producer on the Hulu original TV series, BEHIND THE MASK.

What To Expect

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