Graphic Novels & Creating Your Own Underlying IP

Kris Lippert
Roadmap's Top Tier Program

You keep hearing it: it’s easier to get something made if there is existing IP. But where do you even start? Roadmap’s very own Top Tier Writer Kris Lippert just published his first graphic novel and is here to reveal how you can follow in his footsteps!

Kris will discuss what made him decide to move forward with the graphic novel, the process of getting it made from script to finding the artists (most need more than one!), formatting, working on character design, storyboarding, and also the all-important out-of-pocket cost of the project. Kris will discuss how the graphic novel is similar to filmmaking and help you discover a new way to visually realize your story - and end up with a pretty great piece of IP!

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:

  • The difference between the screenplay and the graphic novel script
  • How to determine if your project might lend itself well to graphic novel form
  • Where to find artists and the process of getting started
  • How to work with the artists themselves to ensure the result matches your vision
  • How to decide on elements like black and white vs. color pages
  • Self-publishing vs. Indie publishing
About Your Host

Born and raised in Hungary, Kris Lippert started his career in banking and risk management, eventually founding and building two successful companies of his own in the field, before moving on to his lifelong passion: films. Kris currently lives in Perth, Western Australia, and works as a writer/producer, focusing his efforts on thriller/horror projects, with an eye towards fantasy and supernatural elements. He has had two features produced including horror-comedy GINGERCLOWN featuring Tim Curry and supernatural thriller FORESHADOW.

What To Expect

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