Interview Series w/ Alexander Robb - Guest: Screenwriter Tyler Hisel

Hosted by Alexander Robb (Manager/Producer, Insignia Entertainment)
Guest: Screenwriter Tyler Hisel (WAYWARD PINES, DARK WAS THE NIGHT)

"Hearing from a prolific writer like Tyler Hisel and his manager Alex Robb, and how they have maneuvered Tyler's Hollywood writing career so far, was really valuable information to know for someone working towards being a working writer. Tyler's enthusiasm and energy is awesome and he really showed the kind of dedication and longevity it takes to be to break in and stay in while also looking after himself and his family. Would love to see more interviews in this style, especially from women working at the same level of experience." -Jennifer M.

When you're on the outside and looking in on the entertainment industry, whether it be as a novelist, comic book author, video game, film (both indie and studio genres), or TV writer, the mountain can seem impossible to climb. First, there’s the creative process (your voice, style, brand, etc.) and then there’s the business side of things (how do you get your work out there).

It’s a lot to wrap your head around, and, if you’re anything like us, you wonder how someone managed to navigate this path before. And you wonder what you could learn from the people who have succeeded.

Producer/Manager Alexander Robb of Insignia Entertainment and Roadmap Writers present the in-depth series, "A Writer's Story" chronicling the professional lives of screenwriters and authors working in the entertainment industry today. We'll dive into the past, present and future, shining a spotlight on the writer's personal journey and outlook.

This One Hour Discussion Will Cover:

  • The development process 
  • Drafting pages 
  • Marketing, branding, and self-promotion
About Your Host

Tyler Hisel recently competitively sold his feature pitch THE FIXER to Paramount Studios with Andrew Panay and Bradley Cooper attached to star and produce. In television, Tyler recently sold the pitch AMERICAN LIES, to Tristar TV, and THE BOUNTY HUNTER OF WALL STREET, to UCP. He’s also currently a Story Editor on the Captivate/UCP series, TREADSTONE, and he previously staffed on the M. Night Shyamalan/DeLine FBC series WAYWARD PINES. Tyler was also just one of seven writers chosen to write a freelance ep on the Glen Morgan run/Amazon series LORE, produced by Propagate Content and Valhalla Entertainment. Prior to this, Tyler sold both of his original TV pilots in competitive situations and developed with various producers like Gran Via and Davis Entertainment. Tyler debuted with his Blacklist feature spec mystery thriller THE TREES, which was produced under the title, DARK WAS THE NIGHT, that starred Kevin Durand, Lukas Haas and Bianca Kjalich.

Alexander Robb is the President of management/production company Insignia Entertainment. Mr. Robb Executive Produced the thriller/horror feature, DARK WAS THE NIGHT, starring Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas. Mr. Robb has also developed and sold material to Sony TV, WBTV, A&E, Nickelodeon, Paramount and indie financiers, while producing and packaging along the way. He's also staffed clients for series and OWAs, and has negotiated numerous deals in the publishing and video game industries. Mr. Robb recently partnered with Atmosphere Entertainment (300, POWER) on the Dark Horse graphic novel adaption, "Outer Orbit," which he attached Andrew Cosby (HELLBOY 3, EUREKA) to adapt.

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