It’s Never Too Early To Think About Marketing Strategy

Rachel Yanovski
Marketing Professional

Imagine you’ve just finished writing a fantastic movie, and the first time you go to pitch it, you hear: “That’s great, but what are the big trailer moments?” or “What would the tagline be?” or even “How could we market this?”

If you’re anything like us, these questions make you very nervous, but they shouldn’t! Once you learn how to look at a film as a marketer, you’ll be able to address all of this from the get-go and make your film more marketable!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • Developing a compelling title for the film
  • Coming up with the catchy tagline
  • Developing a social media campaign
  • Conceptualizing a movie poster
About Your Host

Rachel Yanovski is a Los Angeles-based senior copywriter and creative lead from the advertising world, specializing in the intersection of brands and entertainment. She has developed 360 campaigns, key art, tv spots, trailers and more for every major film studio and streaming service. Career highlights include writing a super bowl ad for Alfa Romeo, leading Rocket Mortgage’s most successful campaign in history, and seeing an article she wrote about Harry Potter make it to the front page of the LA Times.

What To Expect

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