[Legal Series] Understanding Option Agreements

Sean Pope
Associate @ Ramo Law

Maybe you've heard of a fellow writer with a script that got optioned and thought "Good for them, but what does that actually entail?" Do producers pay writers when they option material? If so, how much is normal? What are the typical terms of an option agreement, and what rights do the writers have over their material while the option is in place? 

Entertainment attorney Sean Pope is here to give you the answers to all this and more! This webinar is for anyone who wants to be prepared and knowledgable when an option agreement is on the table. 

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover: 

  • Options vs. other agreements 
  • Standard terms and conditions 
  • Compensation 
  • Negotiation 
  • Live Q&A
      About Your Host

      Sean Pope graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science. He went on to receive his juris doctorate from Loyola Law School Los Angeles in 2014.

      He was the Chief Research Editor for the Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review, where his article “America Off-Line: A Look at the Applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Streaming Digital Media and the Internet” was published. During law school, he interned at Maker Studios and NuMedia Studios.

      At Ramo Law, Mr. Pope works with producers and production companies focusing on production legal services and corporate formation services, with recent titles including “6 Balloons”, “Candy Jar”, “El Camino Christmas”, and “Hot Air”.

      Prior to joining Ramo Law, Mr. Pope worked at a boutique entertainment transactional and litigation firm – providing legal services for producers, writers, actors and musicians. He joined Ramo Law in 2016.

      What To Expect

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      If you have any questions or any trouble accessing the recording, email our Director of Education Alexandra Davies at alex@roadmapwriters.com!


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