Outline Consultation Executives

How you approach the prep work of outlining your script can make all the difference when you sit down to face the blinking cursor in your screenwriting software. There are so many approaches to how detailed or macro your outline should be, but what they all need to have in common are the standard structural integrity and character arcs for your particular format and genre.  

Whether you're preparing to dive head first into a first draft or to hit reset before approaching your 10th, we've launched the Outline Consultation to provide you and your story with ground-level guidance.  

See the list below to find the executive of your choice! You'll submit your script outline or treatment (8 page maximum) for the exec to review. Then you'll have a 30 minute notes call together to refine how you set up the structure, pacing, theme and character development for your script.  


Andrew KerseyManager at Kersey Management *great for drama, action, thriller, sci-fi and horror features! 

Audrey Knox - Manager at The Cartel *great for pilots of all genres and comedy features!

Chris DeckardManager at Fictional Entity *great for all genres and formats!

Daniel Seco - Manager at Schemers Entertainment *great for all genres and formats! (Sold Out) 

Devon ByersManager at First Friday Entertainment *great for all genres and formats except comedy pilots! 

Jay Glazer - Manager at ROAR *great for drama, thriller and action projects! 

Scott Schulman - Manager at Schulman Manager Group *great for pilots and all genres! 


Carley Whitt - Showrunner's Assistant at NBC Universal *great for all genres and formats except horror and thriller features! 

Janet Jeffries Development Executive at Lawrence Bender Productions *great for drama, action, adventure, sci-fi, thriller projects! 

Justin Bunka - Writer's Assistant at Netflix (TINY PRETTY THINGS) *great for all genres and formats! 

Justin Ross - Senior VP, Development and Production at Bohemia Group Originals *great for all genres and formats! 

Matthew Koss - Independent  Creative Development Producer *great for all genres and formats! 

Morgyn Utzman - Development Coordinator at Candler Productions *great for all genres and formats! (Sold Out)

Ryan Busse - Producer at STORY Collective *great for all projects and genres except comedy pilots!  

Seth Renshaw - *great at making sure your theme is clear and consistent! 

Todd Murata VP, Development at MarVista Entertainment *great for drama, comedy, thriller and action pilots!

How It Works:

After registering, you will receive an email containing the link to the Material Submission Form where you will submit up to 8 pages of an outline or treatment. On that form, you will indicate the name of the exec you choose to review your material.

After submitting the pages, please allow at least 3-4 weeks for the exec to review your submission. When the exec is ready, you will be contacted via email to schedule your 30 minute consultation. 

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