Pack A Punch: Getting The Most Out Of Your Action Lines

Briana Hansen
Director of Writer Outreach @ Roadmap Writers
Tuesdays 1/19 & 1/26 @ 7:30pm - 9:30pm PT

When you think of scripts, you probably mostly think about dialogue. And that makes perfect sense. But did you know that your action lines have a big impact on how your script reads? Your action lines do more to set the tone and style of your writing than your dialogue, and there's no surer way to get execs to put your script down than clunky or poorly constructed action lines. 

But how do you avoid this? What makes a good action line and how can you use them to not just effectively communicate your story, but also your prowess as a writer? 

Roadmap's Briana Hansen has just the class for you! 

This 2-Week Clinic Will Cover: 

  • Action lines dos and don'ts
  • Word choice and brevity
  • Feedback on your pages 
  • Live Q&A!
About Your Host

Briana Hansen is a comedic writer and actress currently based in LA. A big fan of shaking up traditional narratives, she recently wrote, produced, and starred in an interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style sketch comedy show for AmazeVR which will be available on Oculus in early spring 2020. She studied writing, improvisation, and sketch performance at The Second City Chicago, iO, The Groundlings, UCB, and a bunch of other places you've probably never heard of. She performs regularly at The Westside Comedy Theater with Mission IMPROVable, tours the country with multiple educational and entertainment-oriented shows for colleges, contributes to a number of online publications as a freelance writer, and works regularly as an actress and Voice-Over artist. She also has a stand-up comedy special on Amazon called "Articulate Neanderthal." She is repped by WSA Entertainment and The Library Agency.

What To Expect

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Cancellation Policy

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