Private 30-Minute Pitch Preps!

Need some extra assistance on your pitch?
How about some private time with an executive to polish your best pitch presentation yet?


All screenwriters know the importance of an effective pitch and here at Roadmap we are always looking for ways to make sure our writers have an edge on the competition. 

In these Private 30-Minute Pitch Preps, you'll choose an executive to work with and submit your 1-2 page written pitch for the exec's prior review. You will begin your 30-minute session with your 5-7 minute verbal pitch and then have a dialogue with the executive covering:

  • Delivery
  • Clarity
  • Structure
  • Characterization
  • Pacing
  • Opening Your Pitch
  • Ending Your Pitch

Your private session will take place over video conferencing software ZOOM so you will receive a downloadable recording of your session to review at your leisure! You will be contacted by Roadmap within 2-3 weeks of registering to set the time for your session. After you sign up you will receive a Material Submission Form to submit your 1-2 page written pitch.

Which exec is right for you?

Manager Audrey Knox - The Cartel *great for all TV pilots!

Executive Benjamin Kabialas - PalmStar Media/National Lampoon *great for all genres and formats!

Manager Dan Seco - Schemers Entertainment *great for thriller, action, horror and rom com features!

Agent Davina Hefflin - The Gersh Agency *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Kyle Parks - Spyglass Media  *great for thriller and action features!

Executive Ali Santoro - Original Film *great for all feature genres!

Manager Mark Saffian - The Content House *great for all genres and formats!

Executive Rachel Sklar - Tomorrow Studios *great for all genres and formats!

Manager Adam Engelhard - Mailroom *great for thriller, sci fi, horror and action features!

Executive Kevin Shih - CryptTV *great for horror, thriller and action projects! 

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