SCREENWRITER GPS: How to Avoid Getting Lost in the Landscape of Emotionally Driven Storytelling

Conrad Sun
Literary Manager
Meridian Artists
Saturday 8/17 & Sunday 8/18 @ 9:30am - 3:30pm PT

An online class on how to use the tools you already have to create emotionally driven screenplays that will stand out in the market.

You wanna know the most common note I give a screenwriter? It has nothing to do with character, or plot or dialogue or structure. It has to do with EMOTION. “Where does the emotion come from?” OR “What emotion are you trying to create here?”

As a literary manager who’s built my career on selling screenplays and persuading executives to read writing samples, I spend most of my time studying the psychology of the reader. What I found was that screenwriters lose sight of what they’re really trying to do with their screenplays… and that is to invoke emotion within our reader. Make them FEEL something. We can focus on all the things we claim to be experts on (character, plot, structure, acts, dialogue, etc) but none of it matters unless the reader feels the emotion you want them to.

This is the thesis of my two-day online escape: SCREENWRITER GPS. Roadmap Writers is the leading company when it comes to providing a map for emerging screenwriters to become successful. My goal is to add to that map and provide a GPS route to where you want to go starting with your script. I could spend the whole two days talking about the industry and how to navigate the entertainment market, but none of that matters unless you have an exceptional script.

Join me on August 17th and 18th for an interactive online class where I will discuss the writing tools you already have and how to utilize them to generate emotionally driven screenplays that will stand out in the market.

This Two-Day Intensive Master Class Will Cover:

  • The 8 basic emotions
  • Making your protagonist interesting and charismatic
  • Crafting a compelling story engine
  • Tools for scene pacing
  • Creating an immersive world
  • Effectively pitching your project
  • Live Q&A
About Your Host

Conrad Sun (Manager, Meridian Artists): In case you’re wondering where all this talk about emotions comes from, before working in entertainment, I worked as a molecular geneticist in my home country of Canada (I can’t make this up). I became obsessed about biochemicals in the brain, and how they’re responsible for our feelings. I never lost sight of that when I moved to LA to make the natural transition into entertainment. I’ve always thought of storytelling as a way to make us experience emotions that unique to us humans. Since moving to LA, I’ve worked in development at all capacities from studios, networks to production companies. My experiences led me to become a literary manager which immediately became my passion in entertainment for the past five years. I love working with writers to create stories and bring them to life on the page for everyone to enjoy. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to help writers launch their careers and guide them through this crazy industry. As much as I love representing seasoned veteran writers, there’s nothing I find more exhilarating than helping a writer make their first sale or get their first job.

What To Expect

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Cancellation Policy

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