The Life of a TV Episode

Greg Hart
Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love TV? While a series is great, every episode is a labor of love and requires a process. Greg Hart, a staff writer, is here to guide you through it! Learn the stages of how an episode is hatched from the writer’s prep to the outline to the script to the production to post-production. Every step of the way, the writer can be called upon at any moment to make any changes.

Greg will use real episode examples from different TV shows, including a behind the scenes example from his own hit TV show BURN NOTICE. This is a must webinar for anyone who wants to work in television. Writing may be a solitary gig but a TV show means you’re never lonely (or ever alone when it comes to your craft!)

This 90-Min. Webinar Will Cover:
  • Learn all the moving parts of a TV show from the studio to the network to the showrunner to the writers
  • Learn how many people actually are in the infamous ‘writers rooms’ (Hint: It’s more than just writers!)
  • See the breakdown of an episode from conception to completion
  • Gain an understanding of how episodes are fleshed out and how writers decide to tell the story the way they do
  • Tips of the TV trade
  • Walk away with a concrete understanding of how a TV show works so you can be better prepared for pitches and generals about your own TV series
About Your Host

Greg Hart has a screenwriting degree from Loyola Marymount University... meaning he has no backup plan if writing doesn’t work out. Following a stint in feature development, he moved to television and became the showrunner's assistant for Matt Nix. In addition to writing in various capacities for the USA series BURN NOTICE, he co-wrote the BURN NOTICE spinoff movie, THE FALL OF SAM AXE. He has also written for the cop dramedy series THE GOOD GUYS (Fox), the medical series COMPLICATIONS (USA), and most recently, for MEGA MAN on Cartoon Network.

What To Expect

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