The Starter Bundle

Got a script you're excited about getting out there but unsure where to begin?
This is the perfect package for you!

The Starter Bundle will allow you to get personalized, actionable feedback from working industry professionals on:

  • a written pitch of your project ($35 value)
  • a verbal pitch of your project ($35 value)
  • the First 15 pages of your script ($45 value)

Plus, this bundle includes a month of our popular On-Ramp Program ($79 value), where you'll not only focus in on how to strengthen your logline and actively learn about the art of pitching, you'll also have access to all 3x live Sunday Webinars for the month, and have multiple opportunities to put your own pitch to the test and learn from hearing others pitch.

This comprehensive approach is designed to help you determine what aspects of marketing you need to focus on in the future so you have a better sense of what to work on next in your screenwriting career!

By purchasing this package, you'll save $45!


This Starter Bundle Includes:

Written Pitch - Submit a 1-2 pg. written pitch of your project for feedback from an exec of your choice. 

Verbal Pitch - Pitch your project verbally to an exec of your choice for feedback in an 8-min. session via phone or Skype. 

First 15 Consultation - An exec of your choice will read the first 15 pages of your script and have a 15 minute story notes call with you.

On-Ramp Program - This jam-packed month-long program includes a logline clinic, pitch preps, a private exec-led pitch roundtable, and more! 

*After registering, you'll receive instructions for redeeming your sessions via email!

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