Top Tier

If you wish to opt for the payment plan option and the drop-down menu isn't working for you, just enter discount code TTPAYMENTPLAN at checkout to register for the deposit rate of $199. (I'm working on this, bear with me!). 

Please review all of the below carefully before making your Top Tier Program selection for the month.

Each Top Tier writer will send me (Joey), 50 companies you feel is right for your script, with the title, genre, format, tonal comps and logline and your bio. Each month I will email at least 5 companies off that list (and let you know who I email). 

During the month, I will also email Top Tier writers with exclusive needs from companies. The subject line will read "Top Tier Marketing". Please send me appropriate material if it fits what they are looking for!

Here are the choices for Top Tier.

Choice #1: Roundtables - Regular Top Tier where you get the 6 x 20-minute Private Roundtables where the execs read the first 15 pages of your script prior to your 20-minute sessions. You will coordinate with the exec directly to schedule your private 20-minute session.

Choice #2: First Look Program - This 4 week Incubator will match you with an exec that is currently looking for a specific type of script. You will write that script under their guidance and they can have the first look of the finished project to potentially continue working on it with you. If not, you still walk away with a new script for your portfolio!

Choice #3: Matchmakers - We will team 5 writers with 2 execs who are specifically looking for a genre/format that they have at this present moment. We will send those writers' scripts to those execs so they can read the scripts in its entirety. For the first two weeks, you will meet with each exec for 25 minutes each (in a roundtable setting) to get notes, have a Q&A with those execs, give your vision for the story, etc. Then in the last two weeks, you will send your revised pages to those execs and have two other 25-minute sessions with each exec to have another general to talk about the revisions.

This will a) show managers and execs how you take notes (which is a HUGE deal), b) give you more time with execs and c) give those execs an opportunity to keep working with you after the sessions. Of course, there's no guarantee that every writer will be chosen to keep working with each exec, but it definitely will give those writers a really focused goal for that month and help them improve their material and help those writers make stronger executive relationships. 

Choice #4: General Meeting Track - This is only available for writers who have done the Roundtables and Incubator and/or MatchMaker Track prior. In this track, you will be matched with 3 executives who will read your script fully. Each exec will have a private 30 minute general meeting with you over Zoom.

Choice #5 - Incubator: Develop a new script with an exec of your choice. Meet with your exec every week in a 2 hour roundtable setting to receive feedback on the pages you submitted that week. This is a 6-week Incubator that runs for two consecutive months. After the 6-week Incubator, you will have a 2-week MatchMaker with another exec to do one more posh on your script. 

With any choice, you still get the marketing session with me and all the Sunday webinars! 

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