Advanced Top Tier Prep

Advanced Top Tier Prep is a special highly individualized program that has you working with Roadmap Staff and hand-picked executives to get you ready for success in Top Tier. 


Strategy Call: You'll meet with James Moorer (Roadmap's Director of Writer Outreach) to go over your Top Tier Evaluation. James will discuss what you should be working on, your strategy for the month, and which exec is a good fit for you to work with. 

Top Tier Prep Coverage/Consult Combo: You will send your sample script to the exec recommended by James based on your Strategy Call. The exec will first send you written notes, and you will implement their notes (with "Track Changes" on so they can see what you've done) before sending your rewrite back to the exec. After the exec reads the new draft, you will then have a 30-minute call with them to discuss their notes and any additional changes they recommend. You will also practice your 3-min. pitch of the project.

2x Open Pitch Session Credits: You will receive a code for 2x Verbal Open Pitch Sessions for you to practice your pitch and get an executive's feedback on what's working and what could be improved.

Up to 3 Webinar Recordings: You will receive up to 3 targeted webinar recordings from our library addressing specific growth points we've identified throughout the Career Writer Program.

Briana's Pitchin' Good Time: Attend Briana's Pitchin' Good Time for additional pitch practice. 

Verbal Pitch Roundtable: Participate in a verbal pitch roundtable for additional pitch practice with the 5-min. pitch of your project. 

Top Tier Mentors' Panel: You will join the Top Tier Mentors' Panel for additional insight on what is required to succeed in Top Tier. 

Marketing Prep: You will meet with Joey Tuccio (Roadmap's CEO) to go over your bio, loglines, and the different pitches/marketing material you need to succeed in Top Tier. 

Feedback Wrap-Up Call: You will have a wrap-up call with James Moorer (Roadmap's Director of Writer Outreach) to go over your progress and the feedback you received this month and discuss how you'll tackle Top Tier!

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