TV Development: Soup to Nuts

Sandy Shenkman

Have you ever sat and watched one of your favorite shows and wondered “how did we get from a lone writer at a computer to this?” Sure, you know the basics: someone writes a script, that script gets developed, and then, voila, it’s a show. But what about that middle step? What actually happens when a show goes through development?

Well, wonder no more! Sandy Shenkman is here to help you understand just how TV development works!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:
  • What is Creative Development? 
  • Sourcing Material
  • The Executive’s Role 
  • The Producer’s Role 
  • The Studio’s Role 
  • The Network 
  • Pickup to Series 
  • Season Two or Cancellation
About Your Host

Sandy Shenkman is a Los Angeles based producer and consultant specializing in television, film and digital media with over 10 years of experience working in the entertainment industry.

Shenkman ran the television department for five years at Storyscape Entertainment, a TV and film production company that operated under several studio deals at Entertainment One, FBC and TNT Studios, respectively. At each studio, Shenkman was in charge of spearheading an aggressive development slate aimed at linear and digital platforms. He was responsible for selling over 25 projects to networks such as HBO, HISTORY, FBC, ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, FX, WGN, LIFETIME, AMAZON, CBC and BBC ONE in the UK. He developed the half-hour digital comedy pilot DOWN DOG for Amazon Studios.

Prior to Storyscape, Shenkman worked as a story editor at K/O Paper Products (under their deal at 20th TV Studios), Davis Entertainment (under their deal at 20th Century Fox), Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman’s Fox-based production company) and started out as an agent trainee at CAA.

What To Expect

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