Virtual Panel: Writing Strong Female Characters #2

Hosted by:
Tarini Anand (Analyst, Artificial Intelligence),
Maddie Breeland (Asst to Head of Disney),
Justine Patrick (Independent Producer)
& Jeremiah Smith (Reader/Analyst, MarVista Entertainment)!

Oh my gosh, we’re back again! Due to popular demand, Roadmap returns with the Writing Strong Female Characters Virtual Panel! Last month, a general overview was explored, covering many of the cringeworthy ways women are depicted in the media, especially film & TV; the definition of a strong female character; and the many bad habits that are ingrained in today’s writers when it comes to writing women (and how to break them)!

This second helping will delve deeper into the issue, this time with concrete examples of female characters done well - and, well, not so well - so you can see actual pages that work well and don't work at all!!

In today's marketplace, it's more important now than ever to portray females as the dynamic human beings they are. Not only does a poorly written female character isolate half of your audience, it also makes execs that read your script quickly pass on it. Learn how to break the habit of writing a stereotypical token female character and prevent execs (particularly female) in the industry from dismissing your work out of hand.

This 90-Min. Panel Will Cover - with Examples!
  • The definition of "strong female characters"
  • Character Introductions
  • Female Relationships *-beyond romance and children!*
  • Female Antagonists
  • Dialogue
  • Motivations & Ambitions
  • Realistic Women vs. 'Media Realistic' Women
  • Creating Diverse Female Character Traits
  • An exploration of the shift in what Hollywood is looking for in female characters

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