Exploring The Structure of TV Comedy

Beau Rawlins
Writers' Room Assistant

Have you ever watched a hilarious show and found yourself wondering how the writers are able to set up not only the laughs, but all the character and plot beats as well? Think about it. The episode is, at most, 30 minutes long. How do the writers manage to fit all of that in?

The answer, my friends, lies within the structure of the script. And while we can write a 30 page script, the act breaks, character beats, and thruline arch of the entire episode is all tied together in the structure. How do we build that structure? Tune in and find out!

This 90 Minute Webinar Will Cover:

  • What elements make up the structure of a TV comedy
  • How do those elements play off each other
  • How to mine the episode’s conflict for comedy
About Your Host

Beau Rawlins started his career in talent representation at management company Luber Roklin Entertainment, boutique talent agency Pakula King and Associates, and 3 Arts Entertainment, one of the largest talent and literary management companies in the world as well as a multiple emmy award-winning production company for TV shows such as 30 ROCK, PARKS AND RECREATION, and SILICON VALLEY.

During his time at 3 Arts, Beau was involved in the development of over a dozen network and cable pilots and series from their original pitch to pilot production all the way to the completion of their first season including INSECURE (HBO), MAN WITH A PLAN (CBS), MARLON (NBC), and SILICON VALLEY (HBO).

After leaving 3 Arts Entertainment, Beau moved to the writers room of MARLON (NBC) and is currently working on the latest season of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (NBC) with Showrunner and Executive Producer Dan Goor with whom he continues to research and develop new projects.

What To Expect

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